Client’s testamonials

John and Jane Powell
John and Jane bought three alpacas from us in order to help keep the grass under control in their finca near the beautiful village of Gaucin. Jane breeds deerhounds and has had considerable success in the show ring. She saw the alpacas as an extension to her animals and found them to be amusing and fun pets.
Email: powell@mercuryin.es

Mike and Linda Hall
‘Alpacas de Andalucia fulfilled a dream that one of us had prior to our move to Spain in the Spring 2007. We first met Ginny and Nigel soon after our arrival and were inspired by their passion, enthusiasm and love for their Alpacas. Although we had always been lovers of animals, we had only ever had domestic pets, so it was with trepidation that we invested in two pregnant Alpacas ‘Lilly’ and ‘Martina’

Ginny and Nigel’s knowledge and constant support soon overcame our initial fears and we have learnt so much from them about ‘husbandry’ in a very short period of time. Due to their vision there is now an expanding Alpaca family in Spain, of which we are privileged to be a part.

Our herd name is Arunda Alpacas
We can be reached on  Email: mike.linda.hall@googlemail.com

Alan Parks and Lorna Penfold have bought a large finca near Cordoba where they are supplying holiday accommodation with a difference – the difference being that they have a herd of alpacas with which to entrance their visitors. Sure to be a success. Their herd name is Alpacas el Sol. They have bought four great girls, all pregnant to top quality sires and take their breeding programme very seriously.

Alan and Lorna said “Thanks to Nigel and Ginny’s patience and understanding, we hope to be at the forefront of a fledgling Spanish Alpaca industry.  We hope to be able to work closely together in the future in developing this new and exciting venture”.
“We also hope to be able to provide accommodation for people who want to see some of the real Spain and who also love animals, It will be great for people to be able to stay with us and enjoy their breakfast on the decking overlooking the Alpaca herd”.

Alan has started a blog where you can keep up to date and more details will be posted as and when they are available; the address is http://alpacaselsol.blogspot.com/

David and Di Worthy who live near Antequera came to Spain to enjoy their (early) retirement and see alpacas as a way of both having a hobby and being able to supplement their pensions. They have bought three lovely girls. ‘We are really looking forward to having our alpacas at our farm and getting involved in the handling and working on the fleece. Our herd name is Torcal Alpacas.  davidworthy@hotmail.com

Seb & Coco. Bon courage pour vos nouveaux cria. Peut etre une petite fille pour nous l’année prochaine. Vous viendrez quand vous pourez.

Félicitation pour votre concour en UK!!!

Oscar mange des pommes et Alphons aime bien les feuilles des arbres et surtout des cerises.
Ce soir j’ai reussie a carresser Zorro. Doucement il prent confiance en nous.
Nous avons aussi crée un site Web pour faire decouvrir notre passion pour les Alpacas.
Le site est tout nouveau et pas fini mais peut etre vous nous direz si c’est un bon début. Nous vous souhaitons un bon courage pour l’arrivée des nouveaux cria…

Please feel free to email any of the above if you want to find out more about their exciting plans.

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