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We aim to provide a comprehensive service to help you get exactly what you want. The journey from potential client to friend.

  • Building your requirements with you
  • Sale of animals
  • Breeding Services
  • Training
  • Sale of fibre
  • Support services
  • Advice and consultancy

1. Building your requirements with you

The most difficult part of selling to a person who has not kept such animals before is to determine what the client wants. Often their initial thoughts might not be realistic and it takes careful listening and understanding to steer clients in the right direction, so that they ultimately have a sound relationship with their alpacas. Such advice can only come with the sort of experience we have within the industry.

If you have some experience then you may value our knowledge of the market and our ability to find good animals at realistic prices for you.

2. Sale of animals

Our main market is selling our own stock, selling other clients’ animals and selling other stock that we purchase in Europe, Australia or South America. With contacts throughout the world we are able to help clients make the best decisions about their intended purchase. We offer a consultancy service where we will source the animals that you require to meet your dreams.

3. Breeding Services

We will keep a good quality stock of stud males and will happily discuss your breeding goals. You can buy a stud service when required or better still buy into a syndicate of males giving you more flexibility.

4. Training

This service is designed to support the sale of animals. It forms an important part of the service given to clients. It may include speakers from the international Alpaca industry and events will be held at our farm, from time to time

5. Sale of fibre

This service is in its infancy and until there are several thousand alpacas in France it will not be an income stream on which to rely. However, you will find local spinners who will love alpaca fibre and of course you could send it to the UK to be spun for your own wool or sell it to a larger organisation specialising in it.

6. Support Services

Support will cover

  • Pregnancy
  • Birth
  • Nutrition
  • Vaccinations
  • Training of your own vets with the help of our vet
  • Disease control
  • Breeding
  • Shearing of fibre
  • Teeth and nail cutting
  • Registration of animals and help with future selection
  • Marketing support

7. Advice and consultancy

We can help any breeder source animals from other countries or help with defining a breeding objective. We can help with business and marketing planning and action. We can help organise shows. We can help locate relevant people from within the industry to providing locally based training.

In short if you have an issue, let us help you

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