Our very own Spanish site and we can supply animals to Spanish breeders.

Our great friends Alison & Ciano specialise in breeding black alpacas from their lovely farm in Cantabria, Spain.

Alpacas de la Tierruca

Paco and Pili breed colour alpacas near Solares in Cantabria.

Alpacas Dobras

Gabi and Teresa have some wonderful white alpacas near Vargas in Cantabria. Make contact with them on the email below

Alpacas Del Miera

Roberto and Luis together are building up a herd based on some fine white animals.

Jane specialises in providing pet alpacas from her amazing home overlooking Gibralter.

Alan and Lorna who have an out of the way casita and apartment to let and have a small herd of adorable alpacas.

Bonheur Alpacas

Nigel and Eve run a herd of about 25 alpacs, close to us just in Limosine. They also look after some of our alpacas who go their for a holiday as Nigel & Eve have a lot of spare grass. It is good to have friends and good alpaca breeders so close.

Sébastien et Corinne

Sebastien and Corinne have a small number of alpacas, include our lovely Coralie who we miss terribly.  They have three young children who love their herd and it is wonderful to see then enjoying and looking after these fabulous animals.


Snowmass Alpacas

Breeders of outstanding alpacas in Idaho (USA). Winners of countless champions at shows across the USA. We are fortunate to have Snowmass Uncontended Royalty progeny on our farm.

Robyn and Philip have an exquisite herd near Christchurch, New Zealand.

Martin and Debbie started their alpaca business in 2002, specialising in coloured alpacas.

Kit and Sheryl are highly successful New Zealand breeders with a mission to have an elite herd of 250 alpacas. We have many of their genetics and animals on our farm.

Eric and Gaye are committed to the long term future of the alapca industry.

Brendon & Joy specialise in fawns and browns.

United Kingdom

International judge Tim Hey, is a breeder in Dorset. He specializes in black alpacas and has spent some time in Spain helping us with our herd.

Mat and Cathy Lloyd are one of the biggest breeders in Australia and now in England as well. We have been fortunate to buy some great alpacas from them

Classical Mile End Alpacas, based in Devon. We have used a couple of their excellent males.

Mark and Sue Steele with a farm in Wiltshire, specialising in brown huacayas

The French Alpaca Association website.

French Llamas & Alpacas Organisation website.

Visit their site for information about the alpaca industry in the UK and see their good quarterly magazine

Camelid Trust. The charity set up to handle welfare issues and deal with DEFRA and the EU in relation to camelids

The Australian Alpaca Association Ltd. represents owners at all levels and is the collective voice of over 2100 members in Australia.

The Benelux represents alpaca breeders in Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg

Marty McGee’s programme for training alpacas.

British Veterinary Camelid Society: They have an annual conference to which all those interested in the welfare of alpacas are welcome.

Alpaca world – a good quarterly magazine that concentrates on keeping readers up to date in relation to alpaca issues worldwide but with emphasis on Europe

British Alpaca Futurity. A show in the Spring, held in England. Some of the best animals will be on show and available for purchase.

The Australian Alpaca Association Ltd. represents owners at all levels and is the collective voice of over 2100 members in Australia.

Geoff Scott, based in Chile and has handled many of the exports of alpacas from Chile.

The Canadian alpaca magazine for which we have written many articles.

From Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia – see our link

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