If you have any questions regarding Alpacas please do not hesitate to contact us.

Nigel & Ginny Cobb
Europa Alpacas
St Martial, Manot 16500

Tel: +33 (0)545301804
Mov: +33 (0)606464102


Skype: nigelandginnycobb

Facebook: Nigel Cobb

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4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Flo tarjan

    We are in the process to move from NY to Mallorca Spain.
    The goal is to find a “small farming property” and keep a few sheep or alpacas.
    I am a big knitter (in the future spinning as well 😉 .
    Please could you give me any insight in keeping Alpacas on Mallorca? (for example, good idea, animal costs etc)
    Thank you so much in advance for any info you might be able to provide.
    Warmly, Flo

  2. Deborah Faulkner

    Hi good afternoon, I contacted you last year with regards aplacas my friend and I are interested in purchasing a small herd we are not looking for show level at the moment but do very much want to keep the animals for their fleece which will be spun and I will use for artisan goods, we also want the animals to be easygoing for halters as we would like them to be walked. We both have land So the male and females can be separate or wethers with the females a preference of colour is not important. I have tried looking on this site but there are no photos, I have looked on the AlpacaSeller site but could only see a package of females. Could you also give me some idea on what paperwork is needed and exporting here to Spain. We are looking at around 5-8 alpacas

  3. Nigel & Ginny Post author

    Hi Deborah
    So sorry not to have answered your message on Europa Alpacas. It has recently been hacked so we dont get to look at it often. Email us at if you are still looking. We were in Spain with alpacas for 8 years, so if we cannot help then we can put you in touch with others.Look forwrad to hearing from you. Nigel Cobb

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